Thursday, July 21, 2011

Don't mess with this dad! Cub steps out of line in an intimate series of photos of lion family life

By Daily Mail Reporter

Cheeky chap: Big trouble for this naughty little lion when it dares to get a little too close to dad and is rewarded with a menacing snarl

Little ones are always winding up their fathers - but when you're a lion that is NOT a great idea.

This young fellow seen here invoked the ire of daddy lion with some irritatingly bouncy behaviour in the stunning surroundings of the Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya.

The king of the jungle didn't roar his displeasure but wrinkled his nose in a fearsome snarl, the sort of look that would strike fear into any other creature on the plain.

New born: This little cub just wants some attention

The almost human-like shot was captured by wildlife photographer Anup Shah on one of his recent trips to Africa.

Other intimate photos show a cub aged less than two days crying for its mother's attention while others suckle.

In another, boisterous brothers enjoying some rough and tumble and one cheeky cub using an adult's leg as a chew stick.

However, these adventurous youngsters need not fear because mum is always there to swoop to the rescue and drag their offspring away from danger or mischief - quite literally by the scruff of the neck.

Where is everybody? A tiny cub cries out when it realises it has wandered off from its family

Mum to the rescue: Luckily mother lion is on hand to take the straying cub back to the pack

source: dailymail

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