Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birds not welcome! The defiant squatter squirrel who has commandeered a nesting box


Squatter: A cheeky young squirrel seems to be making it clear that this bird box is his now as he smiles for the camera

Moving into your own home is usually a good excuse for a party.

But once this creature had squirrelled away his nuts and seeds, there was only one guest invited to the housewarming – his mum.

Christine Haines, who watched the baby grey squirrel take over the bird box in her garden in Spokane, Washington, U.S., believed he was ‘calling for his mother’ to visit when she caught him on camera.

Cheeky: The baby squirrel peers out of a nest box in Spokane in Washington and was calling for its mother

The baby grey squirrel was looking for some shelter and came across this box complete with a perfect look-out hole for him to poke his head out of.

And he was so pleased with his new abode he smiled straight at the camera as a sharp-eyed resident spotted the fury squatter in her garden.

With his grey paws resting on the side of the box, mouth wide open and bright eyes sparkling the youngster looks at ease with his new wooden surroundings.

Photographer Christine Haines was confronted with the cheeky youngster in her backyard.

source: dailymail

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