Monday, July 18, 2011

Adorable meerkat babies take their first 'seemples' steps into the public eye


Three of a kind: When it comes to comparing Meerkats the new gang at West Midland Safari Park have come up trumps

These adorable baby meerkats have just made their first faltering steps into public after their recent birth.

The adults are hugely popular with visitors to West Midlands Safari Park for their unusual and skittish behaviour, but they have also produced three tiny kits that are facing visitors for the first time.

And, when Mum decides to wander off for a spot of foraging, then Dad is only too keen to help out and watch the youngsters.

Small world: Meerkat family at West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcs. The young kits or pups are just four inches tall

The Meerkat 'kits' or 'pups' were born on June 12, but have just emerged from their nest for the first time.

The kits are thought to weigh no more than around 40 grams each. Named Alec, Sydney and Henrik by staff, although it is too early to sex them, they are barely 10cms tall.

They are gradually making more appearances with their mother in the new exhibit - Meerkat Mayhem - that is situated in the Park's new African Village.

First time out: The meerkat kits explore their strange new world

Skittish: The kits are just four weeks old and thought to weigh no more than around 40 grams each

Playful: The young meerkats have yet to get to grips with the principle of hide-and-seek

source: dailymail

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