Friday, July 15, 2011

15-month-old puppy dies after horror attack by swarm of bees


So innocent: 15-month-old Sara was playing in a communal garden when she accidentally knocked over a hive causing the bees inside to attack

A dog died after being stung more than 100 times by bees from a neighbour’s hive.

Keeley Connolly’s 15-month-old German shepherd, Sara, was playing in the communal
garden when she was set upon by bees from neighbour Susan Mowforth’s hive.

Former stockbroker Mrs Connolly, 44, found the distressed animal at her door and let her into the house.

Within seconds, her living room was filled with bees.

Dangers: Council inspectors check the hives in neighbour Sue Mowforth's garden where Sara was attacked by the agitated swarm

The mother of one tried to drive Sara to the vet, but had to stop when her car filled with the angry swarm.

Sara was given ice blankets and kept under 24-hour care, but was put down after a plasma transfusion resulted in internal bleeding.

Mrs Connolly, who lives with husband Grant and their six-year-old daughter, Sam, in Andover, Hampshire, wants beekeepers to be more careful about where they put their hives. She said: ‘The vet said they had never seen a dog stung so many times.

‘The veterinary staff were distressed because of the amount of pain Sara had been in.
'After the operation we got a phone call saying it had gone well but then she got worse again and the vet said we should put her down because they didn't think she would pull through.'

She added: ‘Our daughter has not shown much emotion but her teacher says she keeps talking about bees and drawing pictures of Sara.

Devastated: Owners Grant and Keeley Connolly, right, made the agonising decision to have Sara put down following the attack

‘Bees do not attack unless they are under threat and after the dog was stung I found that one of the hives had been knocked over.’

'After what happened the dog shot off home. The bees are kept very discreetly. This is a campaign of harassment against me. I have not decided whether to keep the bees.'

Keeping bees has become a popular hobby in recent years. The number of registered hives has doubled to 80,000 since 2007.

There are no rules preventing hives being kept in public places but owners are expected to ensure the bees do not pose a threat to humans.

source : dailymail

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