Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Epileptic loggerhead turtle transported 320 miles for brain scan


Snorkel prepares for her session in an MRI scanner to see if she has a brain tumour

This is Snorkel, a Loggerhead Turtle, which made a 320-mile round trip for an MRI scan over fears that she has a brain tumour.

The sick reptile is a star attraction at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, but five after five years of suspected epileptic fits have raised questions over her health.

Sue Thornton, from the International Zoo Veterinary Group said scans at the Cobalt Centre, in Cheltenham, would help to determine whether or not Snorkel has a brain tumour.

Workers operate the machine as vets work to find out if she has epilepsy after five years of fitting

She is currently being given doses of anti-epilepsy medication twice a day to control her fits.

If a tumour was found, however, Mrs Thornton said some 'very difficult decisions' would have to be made dependent on the results of the scan.

'It is in her best interest to have this scan and we will do everything we can to reduce any stress that she will experience,' she said.

Star attraction: Snorkel is among the favourites of visitors to the National Marine Aquarium

James Wright, from the National Marine Aquarium, said she is a firm favourite with many visitors and they would do everything to keep her healthy and happy.

She was rescued in 1990 after having been found washed up in Sennen Cove, Cornwall.

Due to ill health she has spent the last 10 years being cared for at the National Marine Aquarium.

source : dailymail

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