Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top dog: Border collie Lucy Lou is town's newly elected mayor (but wait til you hear about the competition)


Poster dog: Not only has Lucy Lou been elected as mayor of Rabbit Hash in Kentucky, but she is also the face of the locally made wine, Elk Creek, which is sold in the village shop, one of only seven buildings in the hamlet

When it comes to politics, this border collie knows who the real top dog is.
For Lucy Lou has just been elected the four-legged chief executive of the tiny town of Rabbit Hash in Kentucky.

The quaint hamlet, on the Ohio River, had several four-legged candidates in the running for mayor including a cat, a donkey and an opossum.

But the collie was heads - and tails - above the rest and managed to win the tightly-fought election.

She even managed to beat her best friend, as a man was also in the running.
As the top dog she has few responsibilities apart from ceremonial duties that includes greeting tourists.

Manager of the historic Rabbit Hash General Store Terrie Markesbery said: 'She's famous for greeting the public. when you get out of the car, she comes right up to you.'

The village, which is only three acres and hold seven buildings, was recently awarded $1,000 from the Reader's Digest as part of the brand's 'We Hear You America' 100-city tour.

The tour was in promotion of the recently updated 'Off the Beaten Path' travel guide.

Lucy Lou has also become the face of a locally made wine, sold in the village shop.
'She's perfect for the job. It's a low-paying, highly visible position,' Markesbery said.

'She has to do a lot of footwork.'

source :dailymail

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