Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inky and perky: But poor tattooed pigs have animal rights campaigners sizzling in anger


Pigs at China's Art Farm in Beijing where Wim Delvoye's team of tattooists gives each of them an intricate identity

Pigs can expect to be branded, but one farm has turned the process into an art form, decorating them from head to toe with tattoos.

Crowds are flocking to Art Farm China in Yang Zhen, Beijing, where Belgian artist Wim Delvoye displays his colourful sows and boars.

The animals are still on display to farm visitors while they are anaesthetised and decorated with designs by Wim and his co-artists.

Artist Wim Delvoye tattoos one of the the pigs which is clearly seen sporting Louis Vuitton logos

One super-trendy porker even features a Louis Vuitton logo – which presumably quickens the process on the handbag production line. Others sport tattoos inspired by patterns found on Russian prison inmates.

But animal rights campaigners complain that the pigs are suffering unnecessarily and are being abused for improper commercial gain.

They also strongly object to a controversial 'adopt a pig' scheme that allows sponsors to have an animal stuffed, get a tattooed hide to hang on a wall, or even have it stretched over canvas.

Pictures, however, seemingly show the pigs enjoying the high life at the farm as they roll in mud and snuffle in the undergrowth in the woods.

Visitors get to stroke the pigs - and get a close-up of Wim and his team's colourful designs - as they snooze the day away.

Up to three tattooists apply a tattoo at the same time to ensure they get plenty of work done while the pig is under anaesthetic.

Some of the pigs seem to be enjoying the high life as they snuffle in the undergrowth close to the farm

Two piglets at the farm already look the part after Wim Delvoye has applied his 'artistic' touches

Each pig is assigned a carer whose job it is to moisturise the skin, keeping the tattoo in good condition.

Wim, 46, from Gent, Belgium, said: 'Instead of producing art I wanted to harvest it.

'The pigs are a nice allegory that makes us think about what art means to us, and where the line exists between what art is and what art isn't.'

source: dailymail

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