Monday, January 31, 2011

A shaggy dog story with a happy ending: Poodle goes walkabout for two years before being re-united with desperate owner


Happy ending: Archie the poodle was reunited with his owners, Chris and Julie Moran and their daughter Kelly after being missing for 549 days

A lost pet poodle has been reunited with his owners after being found 115 miles away from home over 18 months after he first disappeared.

Archie was found by a passer-by in Oxford and dog wardens used his microchip to track his owners down in Essex and reunite them with the prized pooch.

The toy poodle vanished in July 2009 leaving his owners Chris and Julia Moran devastated and fearing for his safety and days turned into weeks and then months they began to fear they would never see Archie again.

But miraculously 549 days later on Mrs Moran’s 47th Birthday the couple were told that Archie was alive and well over 100 miles away in Oxford.

She said: ‘It is the best birthday present I could ever have.’
‘When we heard the news, we thought we were in a dream, because when we lost him it was like being in limbo.’

The family were reunited with their precious pet on Sunday and Julia, Chris, 52, and 19-year-old Kelly were overjoyed to see Archie again and lavished him with plenty of attention.

Archie’s whereabouts for the 18-month period are a complete mystery to his owners who were tracked down by dog wardens after a passer-by found him alone in Oxford.

The two ft long dog had been microchipped which allowed the authorities to reunite the family with their beloved dog, who had gone missing from Mrs Moran’s sisters house as the family holidayed in France.

On hearing the news that the canine had disappeared from the garden in Heybridge, near Maldon the family sped back to England to search for their dog.

Although they searched for weeks they had no luck, before resigning themselves to the fact that Archie was most probably dead.

Although he was dirty when he was found he was not malnourished or injured which could suggest he had been looked after.

Mr Moran joked: We don't know how he ended up here. Maybe he came up to Oxford to study for a degree.’

source: dailymail

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