Friday, January 7, 2011

Say 'Cheese'! Zebra flashes a toothy grin INSIDE a carload of tourists


The Koehler family had been driving around the Georgia wildlife park when they spotted the zebra and rolled down a window to say hello take a snapshot

This zebra wasn't too shy to have his photo taken as he thrust his head into a carload of tourists driving through a wildlife park in Georgia.

Just like Marty the Zebra from hit film Madagascar, the cheeky beast flashed a toothy grin for the camera.

The pictures was captured by Irina Koehler while she was driving through Pine Mountain Wild Animal park in with her family.

As the family greeted the animal he leaned into the car with his whole head

The family had been taking pictures of animals at the park all day when they spotted an approaching Zebra.

They wound down their windows to take a snapshot but got more than they bargained for when the cheeky Zebra stuck his head through the window and opened wide with a smile of teeth and gums.

Irina said: 'We nearly jumped out of our skin, I thought I'd be lucky if the zebra stood still long enough for me to get a picture, I didn't expect him to pose for the camera.

'My children are big fans of the film Madagascar, and this zebra reminded me of Marty from the film.'

She added, 'They say zebras are unpredictable and easily startled, this one was definitely unpredictable but I think we were the one's startled.'

'It's not every day a zebra pops his head through your car window, so i'm glad we captured the moment on camera, it certainly made for a memorable day.'

Fancy a kiss? Irina's husband didn't, and leaned as far away from the toothy zebra as possible when the animal gave a toothy grin for the photo

The Georgia zebra bore a striking resemblance to Madagascar's Marty the Zebra, which was voiced by Chris Rock

source: dailymail

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