Friday, January 28, 2011

The lioness in a mess: Hunter caked in mud after chasing prey near waterhole


Mucky pup: One of the free lionesses poses on a mound after rolling around in the mud

These three lionesses got themselves in a mess after becoming stuck in the mud.
The trio got caught up in the muck at a partially dried up water hole after chasing their prey there.

But the three took it all in their stride and didn't even bother to move to harder ground before tucking in to their treat.

After satisfying their appetites the group emerged, their golden coats matted in a thick coat of mud.

The extraordinary sight was snapped by photographer Andy Biggs while on a photographic safari in the Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa.

The 41-year-old, from Houston, Texas, has been leading safaris for eight years but admitted he'd never seen anything like it.

Golden brown: After scoffing her prey one of the mucky lionesses trots up to higher ground to relax

Down and dirty: The three lionesses eat their catch in the mud

'We were on an afternoon game drive, and decided to stop by a water hole that is more commonly used by the resident elephant, rhino and giraffe population,' he said.
'We were surprised to find a group of three lions.

'They had trapped their kill in a muddy, dried up water hole, and began eating it right in front of us.

'One of them sat upright on a high perch, and I had never seen such a muddy lion before, or much less any predator with that much mud on it.'

He added: 'I enjoy witnessing and photographing unique moments in nature - this was one of the most unique shots I have ever taken.'

source: dailymail

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