Monday, January 24, 2011

Ginger's happy ending: Dog abandoned by callous owner in car park finally finds a loving home


New home: Ginger the dog, who infamously captured on CCTV being callously dumped by its owner, pictured with walker Vicky Crow

A dog that was filmed chasing desperately after a car after being callously dumped has finally found a new home.

Ginger, a Shetland cross terrier, was abandoned on a patch of grass by a man who pretended to take the lame dog for a walk before running to his car and driving off.

The bewildered dog was seen on CCTV limping pitifully after the vehicle in Weymouth,
Dorset, in heart-breaking footage which shocked the country.

Now, four months after the incident, Ginger will now been taken in by a caring new owner, after the kennels looking after her was inundated with offers for rehoming.

The eight-year-old dog, which is now in good health, will be officially united with her new companion tomorrow.

The retired gentleman, from Hedge End, Southampton, was judged to be the most suitable owner, after hundreds of people were whittled down to a shortlist of 25.

After completing a questionnaire, these were narrowed down to just a dozen before Ginger's new owner was selected.

Callous: Ginger's owner lets her out of the car after parking up

The pair can been seen on CCTV walking towards a field at the side of the car park

Ginger is left on the grass verge, while the owner prepares to drive off

Deserted: Ginger cuts a lonesome figure as she peers hopefully after her owner

The man, who lives alone in a bungalow, has already met Ginger twice but does not yet want to be named to allow the dog to settle in to her new home quietly.

Ginger was dumped on September 17 last year, but has been living at Woodlands Farm Kennels near Bridport ever since, while court proceedings were underway.

Mary Bull, 62, who runs the kennels, said: 'Ginger is off on Monday, to live with a retired gentleman living in Hedge End.

'He was one of the hundreds of folk who contacted us originally after reading about Ginger in the papers.

'It's taken a while for us to get back to them all, because we were absolutely inundated. By 3pm on the day it happened I had to stop taking people's details because there were so many.

'We were looking for a home with no young children or other cats and dogs, where she can have a simple life. It's about what's best for Ginger.

'This gentleman is retired so will be there for her, and has a garden for her to use.
'They have been out for walks together and he's met her twice, so we know she's very comfortable with him.

'We feel she stands the best chance of having a happy, loving home with him.

source: dailymail

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