Monday, January 17, 2011

Dog rescued after he got stuck in six-inch gap between two walls


A Shar-Pei mix dog sandwiched between two walls has been nicknamed 'Wally' by animal services

A complaint call about a barking dog turned into a concrete-busting rescue operation in California.

A dog was rescued from a six-inch crawl space between the walls of two properties in Riverside County. He was dehydrated and weak, but happy.

Animal Services Department spokesman John Welsh says the Shar-Pei, nicknamed Wally, was found wedged between two six-foot-high concrete walls in Cathedral City.

Wally is estimated to be about four years old.

Welsh says the animal may have been chasing a cat or a rabbit when he got stuck.
Workers spent about 40 minutes on Friday knocking down one of the walls before pulling the male dog to safety.

Officers guided the dog out with a catch pole for the officers' safety, plus the safety of any bystanders.

It is believed the dog, which had no identifying tags or collar, got stuck after chasing a rabbit into the too-small space. Rescuers spent 40 minutes knocking down a wall to free him

Wally was dehydrated but okay, and wolfed down a bean burrito fed to him by an officer

A worker fed the dog a bean and cheese burrito, which he gobbled up.

Wally was taken to the the Coachella Valley Animal Campus in Thousand Palms to be treated for dehydration.

If his owner doesn't come forward, he will be put up for adoption.

source: dailymail

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