Monday, December 13, 2010

Vladimir Putin and Buffy, his cute little Alpha dog


New friends: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin plays with his Bulgarian shepherd dog Buffy

The man described as Russia’s ‘Alpha dog’ may have competition for his title.

Meet Buffy, the fierce Bulgarian shepherd dog – and Vladimir Putin’s new sidekick.

The cute caramel and white puppy may have a bit of growing up to do before he can think about stealing his master’s crown, but once he reaches adult size he is expected to weigh a formidable 120lb.

The breed is known for its bravery in guarding property and livestock, and in the past it was widely used as an army watchdog.

Perhaps in an effort to retain his top dog position, the Russian Prime Minister, pictured, claimed Buffy ‘can’t do a thing’.

But the puppy was quick to prove him wrong, obediently sitting on command.

Animal lover: Vladimir Putin, right, helps to examine a polar bear on Alexandra Land island in the Arctic Ocean, as part of a carefully-controlled image

A five-year-old boy won a competition to find a name for the dog, which Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov gave to Putin last month.

Putin, who was referred to as ‘Alpha dog’ by U.S. diplomats in a leaked cable published recently by WikiLeaks, also has a black labrador called Koni.

source: dailymail

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