Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sick thugs kill family's pet dog by plunging his head into a bucket of ACID


Family pet Bronson: 'He was the best dog anyone could wish for', says owner Kerry Chambers

Brutal thugs have killed a family's pet dog by plunging his head into a bucket of acid.

Distraught Kerry Chambers, 27, got home after taking her four children to school to find their beloved dog, Bronson, had been killed.

The seven-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier had suffered horrific injuries to his face.

Ms Chambers initially thought Bronson had been attacked by a fox or rats, but an examination by vets revealed he had been forced into a bucket of deadly acid.

Police have branded the barbaric attack 'horrific and vile' as they launched an investigation into his death.

Vets who examined Bronson had never seen anything like the horrifying assault.

Ms Chambers, of Alresford, near Colchester, Essex, said her four devastated young children had been left in tears - unable to understand why anyone would hurt their pet.

The family believe Bronson was stolen from their village home as they slept and then dumped back into her garage after being attacked.

They have had the good-natured dog since he was a pup.

She said: 'Bronson was an absolutely lovely dog. The best dog anyone could wish for, he was brilliant and everyone that came to our house loved him.

'He was so friendly, laid-back and he would not hurt a fly. The kids adored him and he really was at the heart of our family.'

Distraught: Kerry Chambers at home with her children Luke, Amy, Kira and Jesse

Ms Chambers made the gruesome discovery when she arrived home to let her three dogs out to play in the snow.

When only two came out of the garage she went in to check on Bronson, thinking he was asleep.

'I just could not understand what had happened. I thought perhaps he had been attacked by foxes or rats,' she said.

'I just did not know and we buried him thinking that is what had happened. But after describing Bronson's injuries to a friend he suggested that there might have been a more sinister cause.'

Ms Chambers made the brave decision to dig her dog out of the ground so vets could assess what had happened and their findings have devastated her.

She said: 'The vets told me that marks around his neck showed he had been forced into a bucket.

'There was corrosion on his nose and tongue which proved he had been dunked head-first into the bucket as the acid went onto this nose and mouth.'

PC Ryan Weavers of Essex Police, said: I just need to know who has done this so he can be prosecuted. This is a horrific and vile crime.

'I am extremely keen to hear from anyone who may be able to help with this investigation.'

source: dailymail

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