Friday, December 17, 2010

Road-olph the reindeer makes a bid for festive freedom... on the streets of Sunderland


Roadrunner: The reindeer strolls serenely along the Sunderland streets

No-one likes working over Christmas but one Yuletide icon decided to bunk off by attempting an audacious escape.

Santa's pack of 13 reindeer looked likely to be one short this Christmas Eve after one of the festive animals surprised Sunderland shoppers by leaping out of its enclosure and trotting through the Wearside city.

Thankfully, children in the north-east can still expect their presents to be delivered on time after the reindeer was herded back into its city centre home by police and parks staff.

Runaway Rudolph: The reindeer goes on the run in Sunderland city centre with police cars in pursuit

The reindeer was spotted on the loose in Sunderland after being scared by a dog and jumping from its enclosure at the city's Mowbray Park's Lapland Village.

The creature had been part of festivities organised by Sunderland City Council but had the snarl of a dog to blame for its break for freedom, rather than the annual teasing inflicted on Rudolph due to his glowing red nose.

Six police cars followed the trotting deer through the city centre - with locals breaking into hysterics after being asked if they had seen him - before he was safely captured and returned to join in some reindeer games.

source: dailymail

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