Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Proud as peacocks: The Christmas turkeys dyed bright neon colours for the holidays


This turkey looks proud as a peacock with his garish pink feathers

Fancy a psychedelic holiday meal?

These incredible turkeys could brighten up anyone's Christmas dinner -- after being dyed garish bright colours by their owners.

The DayGlo turkeys were coloured using nontoxic food dye

The barmy birds have had their normal drab feathers transformed into neon colours using harmless food dyes.

The turkeys are part of the Gozzi Turkey Farm Christmas celebrations in Guilford, Connecticut, and are dyed using a 'secret' technique.

Gozzi Turkey Farms has been dying the turkeys for about 50 years.

They sell fresh turkeys for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and has become a local attraction.

The Gozzi Turkey Farm in Connecticut has been dyeing their turkeys for decades

source: dailymail

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