Sunday, December 12, 2010

Police dog dies after being let off lead to go on a run and plunging into icy lake


Cold reality: A police sniffer dog, like the one pictured, died after being let off its lead and running into an icy lake

A police sniffer dog died after his handler let him off his lead for a run – and he crashed through a frozen lake into the icy water.

Cocker spaniel Fudge had chased ducks on to the lake in Enderby, Leicestershire.

His handler, who has not been named, had let him off his lead near the water on Wednesday afternoon. Eyewitnesses said the handler tried to reach Fudge with a ball attached to a rope.

When that failed, fire crews were called. They managed to reach the dog which was immediately treated by a vet, but he could not be resuscitated.

A woman who was walking her dog in the park at the time said: ‘The ice went underneath the dog and he couldn’t get back to the edge. He was swimming for about ten minutes.

‘He was battling but he couldn’t get out. It was awful.’

Chief Inspector Alistair Roe, of Leicestershire Police, said: ‘Police dog Fudge was in training for a future specialist role. This was a tragic accident and the officer is heartbroken. We are providing him with support.’

Leicestershire Police Authority member David Bill said: ‘This is an awfully sad situation that

will have a massive impact on the handler. Officers form an incredibly close bond with their dogs.’

source: dailymail

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