Thursday, December 16, 2010

Great Dane mauls six-month-old baby after snatching her from mother's arms


Baby-snatcher: 6-month-old Jasmine Magluvan was left with broken ribs, a collapsed lung, perforated liver and multiple puncture wounds after being mauled by this 180-pound Great Dane

A six-month-old baby is recovering in hospital after being snatched from her mother's arms and mauled by a Great Dane.

Jasmine Magluyan was being held by her mother as she talked in the doorway of the dog owner's house - just a few doors down from their home in California.

The 180-pound dog called Zack rushed to the door, snatched the baby up with his teeth from the mother's grasp and ran down the street, Lt Michael Lee of the Monrovia Police Department said.

The animal ran approximately 200 feet with the baby hanging from her right side before dropping her in the street.

The woman and her neighbour gave chase to try and get hold of the dog, finally catching up with it in the incident that happened mid afternoon.

The baby was airlifted to Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center with broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a perforated liver, broken clavicle and multiple puncture wounds to her back, Lt Lee said.

Despite her extensive injuries she is expected to make a full recovery but is currently listed in guarded condition after her terrifying attack.

Neighbourly chat: Jasmine's mother was talking in the doorway of the dog owner's home when the animal ran to the door and snatched the baby up

'She is doing good now. She is still on a ventilator, but they plan on weaning her off soon', Lt Lee said.

Police say the incident is not a crime and no criminal charges have been filed.
But the Department of Children and Family Services is 'pushing an investigation' into whether the mother did enough to protect her baby.

The Great Dane will be in quarantine for the next 10 days and may be put to sleep if she is deemed to be dangerous.

Dog run: The Great Dane ran 200 feet down the street before the dropping the baby who had to be airlifted to the hospital

source: dailymail

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