Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That's a bit too much crunch in my salad: Woman finds live giant Egyptian grasshopper in her bag of greens


Creepy crawly: This giant Egyptian grasshopper was found alive in a bag of supermarket salad

A Sussex woman's lunch almost became a Bushtucker Trial this week when she discovered a live giant grasshopper in a salad bag.

The likes of Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins got close to some creepy critters during Sunday's episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get me Out Of Here! but an unnamed Brighton woman had a bigger shock after picking up a healthy lunch from a branch of Tesco in Lewes.

The unnamed shopper was about to sit down for lunch on the East Sussex coast when she found the three-inch insect alive and well among her bag of leaves.

Surprise lunch: The Lewes branch of Tesco where a shopper is believed to have bought a salad bag that contained a live grasshopper

The insect had survived a trip from Egypt in the salad bag before it gave the woman a surprise at the dining table.

Showing admirable calm under pressure - especially as her appetite had been undoubtedly spoiled - the woman passed on the creature to the RSPCA, who received the animal on condition of anonymity for the shopper.

The grasshopper - which the National History Museum has verified as Egyptian - has since been re-homed it at nearby Drusillas Zoo, where it was received by spider and insect expert Angela Hale earlier this month.

Harmless: Insect expert Angela Hale said the grasshopper is flourishing in its new home

'To discover a grasshopper in this way is incredibly unusual,' she admitted. 'Although it may give someone a bit of a shock, these insects are completely harmless.

'The grasshopper is in excellent health and settling into her new home, where we hope she will be very happy.'

Appetising: Alison Hammond and Kayla Collins taking on a disgusting Bushtucker Trial on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Ms Hale was able to identify that the grasshopper had made it to the south coast having travelled all the way from Egypt thanks to its distinctive vertically striped eyes, which are particular to this breed of insect.

The 6.5cm insect is believed to be a fully developed female, with a length more common to the fairer sex of the species, and fully developed wing span and colouration.

Ms Hale also received confirmation from the National History Museum that the bug was an Egyptian giant grasshopper, after the London institution viewed pictures of the insect.

A Tesco spokesman said that incidents such as these were 'extremely rare' and offered his apologies to the customer in question.

'All of our products go through quite a lot of processes before it reaches the customer,' he added.

'Incidents like this are extremely rare although an unpleasant surprise is something that can happen on very, very rare occasions.'

source: dailymail

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