Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rupert the rampaging ram finally caught after terrorising town and evading capture for 100 days


Waiting game: Rupert's captors sealed off part of the garden before pouncing

An escaped ram which terrorised a town after going on the rampage for nearly 100 days has finally been captured.

Rupert the rambling ram escaped from a farm near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, in July after spotting a gap between a hedge and fence.

The Soay ram spent the next three months eating grass and flowers from neighbourhood gardens.

Although the RSPCA received scores of sightings from concerned residents, inspectors and police officers were unable to catch him - until now.

Rupert was finally cornered in the garden of a cul-de-sac on October 26 by a five-man team of RSPCA and council officers.

RSPCA inspector Will Rippon admitted the animal was 'quite difficult' to locate and was only apprehended 'after a lot of chasing and running'.

End of the road: It took a five-man team to get Rupert under control

'We are delighted to have finally been able to catch the ram after a number of attempts,' Mr Rippon said.

'I know RSPCA officers have made at least two previous attempts to capture him and I believe the police and council also tried to corner him.

'I'm not surprised he remained on the run for three months because he's very quick and extremely resourceful and canny.

'He seems to know exactly how to escape from every situation and we're all very relieved to have caught up with him at last.

'It is great that he is now being cared for in a safe place, where hopefully he can't get into any more mischief.

'He did prove quite difficult to catch, but we kept persevering and thankfully it paid off.'

It is not known where Rupert lived and slept during his months on the run but, apart from a minor leg injury, he appeared in good health.

The wandering mischief maker is now being cared for at an animal shelter in Huntingdon and is expected to be returned to pasture soon.

Stable condition: Rupert's ram-bling days are hopefully over after an animal sanctuary offered him a home

source: dailymail

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