Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In the pink: The tiny flamingo snuggling up under his mother's wing


Cute: The unnamed Chilean flamingo chick was born a month ago at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and has been snapped sheltering for cover under its mother's wing

With the winter nights drawing in, most people could be forgiven for wanting to snuggle under the duvet.

But this shy newborn has a hiding place all of its own - tucked cosily inside its mother's feathers.

The adorable baby Chilean flamingo can barely be seen sheltering inside the warm pink nest, only peeking out in time for dinner.

Snuggle: The tiny chick looks cosy tucked up in his mother's feathers

The fluffy chick chirped at its doting mother, who ducked her head gracefully to deliver crop milk - a dark red secretion similar to mammals' milk - to her offspring.

The chick is one of two babies born at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, US, at the beginning of October, with three other eggs waiting to hatch.

The pair, who have not yet been named, are now practicing walking and balancing on one leg just like their parents.

Birds of a feather: While the flamingo chick finds his feet in the spotlight this owl proves to be an old hand by giving a cheeky wink for the camera on a farm in Worcestershire

source :dailymail

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