Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby love: Gorilla Mjukuu cradles her tiny first-born son


Motherly love: First-time mother Mjukuu places a giant protective hand over her five-week-old baby son

First-time mother Mjukuu displays the inimitable bond between mother and baby as she places a giant protective hand over her five-week-old son.

The 11-year-old western lowland gorilla gave birth to a healthy boy at the end of October, and keepers at London Zoo watched anxiously to see whether she would take to motherhood.

But they needn't have worried - Mjukuu adores her tiny baby boy, who has yet to be named - cleaning him, inspecting him and cuddling him all day long.

A spokesman for London Zoo said: 'She is a protective mum, and keeps him cradled to her all the time - but she is often happy to give visitors a peek at her precious son.'

Keeper Teague Stubbington added: 'He is a very quiet and contented baby, which means Mjukuu is caring for him perfectly.'

Time for a nap: Mjukuu, who has taken to motherhood exceptionally well, and her baby have 40 winks together

Loving touch: Mjukuu inspects her baby's feet. Keepers say she spends hours cleaning and cuddling him

ITV1's The Zoo (Nov 23) shows the progress of Mjukuu's pregnancy.

source :dailymail

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