Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby elephant gets stuck upside down in a ditch... and has to be rescued by a BULLDOZER


Trapped: The baby elephant ended up on its back after falling into the ditch

A baby elephant who accidentally fell into a ditch and became stuck upside down has been rescued... with the help of an excavator.

The male calf, aged four of five years old, stumbled and slided into a ditch in Bokakhat in north-east India's Assam state.

He was crossing a tea estate with the rest of his herd at the time of the accident.

On all fours: The calf manages to turn over and get upright

The mother of the calf and several other elephants tried to drag him out of the ditch, but to no avail.

After several local residents tried to pull the struggling calf free, it was left to forest rangers and an animal welfare expert to step in.

But they too had to admit defeat and called in a bulldozer.

Once free, the young elephant was reunited with his mother.

Despite his ordeal, he suffered nothing more than a few bruises, said Anil Deka from the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Huge problem: Local villagers used sticks to encouraged the elephant out - without success

End of the adventure: The calf is finally pulled free and able to rejoing his mother

source: dailymail

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