Monday, October 25, 2010

Is this dessert going cheep? Family of robins found nesting in supermarket fancy a bit of Birds


Home comforts: A robin perches on a packet of Birds desert at Tesco's in Osterley, West London

This little robin chose just the right spot to perch when it visited a branch of Tesco’s... in among the Bird’s range of dessert toppings.

As it says on the packet, the red-breast looked like a dream topping on the supermarket shelf.

A family of the birds was nesting in the storeroom of the supermarket in Osterley, West London.

Staff have now managed to remove the birds without harming them.
A member of staff said: 'It's very cute, but it is not very easy to get out.
He's got in here somehow and seems to be enjoying the attention.'

One shopper said: 'Robins are cute at any time, but it was hilarious seeing it perched on top of the Bird's dream topping packet.

'It didn¹t seem like it was in any hurry to leave.'

Last year the Mail reported on another daring robin, who became accustomed to flying into a Suffolk crockery shop and perching on mugs - emblazoned with pictures of robins on of course!

It appears the owl might not be the only wise feathered friend!

Caught on camera: The family of robins were removed from the supermarket without being harmed after being found nesting in the storeroom

Just down the road in Surrey, an equally shocking discovery was ALBINO robin.

The pure white bird, nicknamed Snowy, has a rare condition which means all its brown and red pigment is missing. It has been visiting a garden in Westcott, near Dorking in Surrey for the last month.

The pale bird was captured on camera by keen photographer Esther Ellis, 36, who was fascinated by the strange-looking bird with its pale plumage.

'It was amazing to see it. I got a tip-off that the robin had been visiting the garden and the owner of the house invited me to go along and take some photos,' she said.

'It was a wonderful surprise to see the bird. It looks and sounds like a normal red-breasted robin but it is completely white.'

Rare: An albino robin has been spotted in a UK back garden. The pure white bird, nicknamed Snowy, has a rare condition which means all its brown and red pigment is missing.

source: dailymail

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