Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haven't I seen Chew somewhere before? Meet the dog that is a dead ringer for Star Wars character


Wookalike: Star Wars favourite, Chewbacca (left) and his canine doppelganger

He could be the first among his kind to be a Star Wars look-a-like. But this dog is proving it's no wookie when it comes to copying the image of its favourite intergalactic beast.

This pooch was caught bearing an uncanny resemblance to Star Wars favourite Chewbacca as it sat in the front seat of what could be a Ford Galaxy far, far away.

Woolly hero: Chewbacca alongside his companion Han Solo, played by Harrison Ford in the 1977 film

This picture was taken as the dog sat in front of the car's heater, the hot air sculpting the pooch's hair into the unmistakable style of the fictional wookie in the Star Wars films.

Little is known about the daft dog - not even its name of where it comes from.
However he has become an internet sensation after the picture was posted on Twitter.

source: dailymail

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