Monday, December 27, 2010

Tiptoeing in the snow, a f-f-frozen pheasant as the Met Office predicts it will be the coldest December for a century


A bit chilly: This cock pheasant had to walk across ice in Fakenhham, Norfolk, on tiptoes because of the cold

He was probably wishing auntie had given him the usual pair of socks for Christmas.

For as this cock pheasant picked his way through the snow on tiptoe yesterday, he looked none too happy with the chilly ground beneath his feet.

Puffed up against the cold, he stepped gingerly across a frozen field near Fakenham, Norfolk, no doubt hoping Mr Fox hadn’t unwrapped any winter woollies either and was shivering at home instead

The Famous Grouse: The pheasant on ice looked a little like the Scotch whisky advert

But it’s little wonder he was feeling the cold.

The Met Office predicts this will be the coldest December since records began 100 years ago.

Boxing Day fell right into line, with temperatures staying stubbornly below freezing in many areas.

The previous coldest December was in 1890, when the average temperature for the whole month for England was minus 0.8C.

The average temperature for all of Britain up to Christmas Eve this year was also minus 0.8C, though forecasters said the weather would improve from Wednesday.

Snow fell in Northern Ireland and Scotland – and more is expected tomorrow, spreading south into central England.

But although 6in is predicted in some areas, forecasters believe this will be the last snow we’ll see for a while – a prediction that’s likely to please humans and birds alike.

Deep freeze: As temperatures dipped overnight, Hampshire's New Forest National Park was left with an 'all-over' frost this morning Sunday. The resident, free-roaming ponies were left with little to eat, as they struggled to get to the frozen grass

Forecaster Barry Gromett said: 'The national record goes back to 1910 and it's running by some margin the coldest December at the moment.'

He added that we were 'over a degree colder' than the previous record.

Cold patch: It's bad weather for ducks in York where the River Ouse has been completely frozen over

Mercury plunge: rhe River Severn at Ironbridge near Telford, Shropshire, has also frozen over

Today will see rain, sleet and snow staying in Scotland and spreading southwards into central parts of England.

Parts of south west England and south Wales will enjoy milder conditions though, with temperatures climbing towards double figures.

The freezing weather wreaked havoc with Britain's popular Boxing Day sporting fixtures.

Two Premier League and two SPL matches were postponed, while a total of just nine games survived in the Championship, League One and League Two.

All of today's race meetings were victims of the weather, including the King George VI Chase at Kempton.

Face-to-face: Two wolves fight at Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Beds., yesterday

Rough and tumble: Wolves play in the cold as revellers flock to the zoo on Boxing Day

Frosty relations: Animals had fallen out

source: dailymail

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