Thursday, December 16, 2010

Surf's up! Dogs show they can ride the waves too in a swell canine calendar


Smug mug: July features Betsy the bulldog posing on the board

It's barking mad!

These pictures of surfing dogs show that pooches can ride the waves just as well as their human surfer counterparts.

Part of a 2011 Surf Dogs calendar, the photos feature mainly rescue animals, dubbed SurFURS by the photographers.

March's model is Stanley. He wore a blue life jacket as he rode to shore on a pink and white board

November's sur-fur is Toby, who eschewed the life jacket for a pink collar and lead

Barney caught a wave while standing up on his blue board and wound up as the calendar's cover boy

Husband and wife team Dina Demeo-Grover, 51, and†John Grover, 58, from San Diego, have taken their best shots to produce the novelty item, with proceeds going to various charities, including ones that support spaying and neutering pets.

It's the fourth annual Surf Dogs calendar and, they insist, the original.
Just in time for Christmas, the 2011 calendar is available for purchase on

May features Dozer in a red life jacket. In the background is some of San Diego, including the famous red-roofed Hotel del Coronado

January features a not-too-happy looking pooch named Toby, wearing a orange life preserver as a wave comes up from behind

There is no missing February's pretty girl Nani in her neon life jacket as she rides the breaker

April features a slightly stricken looking dog named Kona, ears pinned and leaning back

For September, King glides in lying on his stomach as a frothy wave crashed behind him

source: dailymail

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