Saturday, December 18, 2010

Puppy love that broke my heart: How seeing a doggy in the window began an emotional rollercoaster that changed my life


Sleeping beauty: Megan Rix's labrador pup Emma changed her life in countless ways

The two creamy coloured puppies were snuggled up together in a ball, nose to tail, and fast asleep. At nearly seven weeks old, they were still very small. And in a few moments I was going to get to take one of these precious bundles home.

I took a deep breath and reached down to pick up the tiny warm puppy, never realising how my life would change and the joy and heartbreak Emma ­— as we would name her —would bring.

Three months earlier I had never even ­considered owning a dog. But then my life was changing so quickly these days, I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. Until two years ago I had been resolutely single and independent. Then I had met Ian in May, we’d got engaged in August and were married the following March. To say it was whirlwind was an understatement.

Adorable: Megan Rix fell head over heels in love with a string of puppioes

By then I was 43, so having children seemed unlikely. Still, I couldn’t help thinking what a great dad Ian would make. He is so ­loving, kind and patient that any child would be lucky to have him for a father. Finally, we decided to let nature take its course. If I got pregnant, great. And if I didn’t — well, that’d be fine too. Though in my heart I yearned for a baby.

So I threw myself into it. I took my ­temperature every morning and charted my cycle. Poor Ian was expected to ­perform as and when required, not cycle too much and eat all the right foods. Months passed and when I still hadn’t got pregnant, we went to see a consultant.

We left devastated. Blood tests to check my hormone levels indicated I would struggle to get pregnant at all. I listened in a daze — being told you may not be able to have a baby is a shock of cataclysmic proportions. I started on a fertility drug called Clomid. I thought about eggs, cycles, scans and pills constantly, which left me ­listless and unable to concentrate.

So when Ian’s work offered him a two-week trip to Japan, I leaped at the chance to go with him. And that’s where I fell in love. With a dog.

Extracted from The Puppy That Came For Christmas And Stayed Forever by Megan Rix, published by Penguin price £6.99. © 2010, Megan Rix.

source: dailymail

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