Sunday, December 19, 2010

Join our Christmas sty-listas: We wait up for Santa with this season's cutest pets

After hogging the limelight in YOU earlier this year, the adorable micro pigs are back by popular demand. Here we join them for their very first Christmas Day…

Silent night?
No chance of that. These three little pigs are far too excited to sleep!

Where’s Santa?
Robbie looks out into the night sky, hoping for a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh

Above left:
I’m awake. Where are my presents?
Kyle’s raring to go, but everyone else is still asleep…

Above right:
Come on, wake up – it’s Christmas!
Kyle nudges Vanity and they peep over the top of their bed at the big pile of presents waiting for them

Is it morning already?
Vanity is just too warm and comfy to ferret around under the tree

Above left:
Which one shall I open first?
Kyle just can’t decide

Above right:
I think this one’s for me
Vanity rummages down to the bottom of the pile

Something smells tempting
Is it chocolates, perhaps? Vanity has a good sniff

Above left:
But where’s mine?
Robbie and Grady help each other find their presents — they’re all so pretty

Above right:
I know I’m cute…
Vanity’s darling derrière

On with the feast!
Yum yum, some scrumptious fruit (but no apple sauce, please — and definitely no chipolatas!). It’s been a lovely day

Thanks to Jane Croft,
Find more micro-pig adventures in her book This Little Piggy (Kyle Cathie, £9.99). to order for £8.99 with free p&p, visit, or call 0845 155 0711

source :dailymail

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