Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teenager suspended from school for arriving dressed as a knight... and riding a HORSE


His owners says Pierre the horse wouldn't hurt a fly

A teenager was suspended from his Massachusetts school after he arrived on campus on horseback while dressed as a medieval knight..

Teachers failed to see the funny side when Dan Depaolis, 17, arrived for lessons at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School last Thursday on his family's steed Pierre.

According to the boy's father, the school's Vice Principal compared the severity of the incident to bringing a gun on to campus.

Dan is an experienced rider and he had the full support of his parents for his knight costume

'They likened it to bringing a loaded firearm to school, which I thought was a little bit overboard,' Ron Depaolis said.

The stunt was meant to celebrate 'medieval day' during the school's Spirit Week, during which students dress up in different themes and are awarded points for their costumes.

But while Dan's parents thought it would be an amusing stunt, the school deemed it dangerous and suspended the teenager for two days.

The costumed student 'squire' who accompanied Dan was given a one-day suspension and community service.

According to Ron, he told the Vice Principal that the horse was brought to the campus on a trailer, was on campus for five minutes and no one was in jeopardy, but the school disagreed.

Dan's mother Julie said she was stunned at the suspension because their 1100lb horse would not hurt a fly.

'Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to walk myself into a suspension,' she said.

'I was trying to let the kids have a laugh and bring morale up.
Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School has refused to comment on the incident, saying they do not discuss any aspect of school discipline.

source :dailymail

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